software delevopment holding

  • 6 years

    founded in 2017
  • 12 investments

    in both controlling and minority stakes of growth-stage IT businesses
  • 2 mergers

    including the simultaneous merger of three equally sized companies
  • 5 exits

    among which high-profile transactions with industry heavyweights OakTree Capital Management and UST Global
  • Who are we?
    We are software development holding that is building a software development ecosystem based on our portfolio companies, which operate on different markets, use different business models and utilize various technology stacks.
  • What do we do?
    Our main focus is acquiring software companies and implementing necessary improvements to enhance their growth. We actively participate in the daily operations of these companies to ensure their continued expansion.
  • What size of businesses do we acquire?
    The size of the businesses we acquire varies depending on factors such as their type, condition, size, and team. We are open to acquiring minority shares as well as full ownership of a business.
  • What is our investment timeframe?
    As a specialized holding company deeply knowledgeable about our businesses, we do not have a specific investment horizon. We are prepared to remain long-term owners of portfolio companies.
  • What is our key expertise (smart money)?
    • We excel in establishing effective lead generation strategies that accelerate business growth.
    • We build robust financial architectures that adhere to global best practices.
    • Our expertise lies in helping companies scale by developing strategies, enhancing key business processes, and mentoring of Key Team.
    • When necessary, we facilitate M&A deals for non-organic growth.
  • What do we not do?
    • We do not invest in startups. Our focus is solely on companies in the growth-stage, with positive EBITDA and international client base.
    • Under no circumstances do we offer consulting services. We can only engage as a partner, taking full responsibility for our decisions.
Our Current Companies
Start: March 2022
Custom softdev company with Core Tech in Flutter, React, Python, .Net, Node.js.

Zones of Responsibility:
  • Strategy
  • TOP Team mentoring
  • Lead Generation
Start: March 2022
Product-focused software design and development company.

Zones of Responsibility:
  • Strategy
  • TOP Team mentoring
  • Finance
Start: May 2022
Niche player in the IoT industry with own R&D center and academy.

Zones of Responsibility:
  • Lead Generation
  • Finance
Start: March 2023
Custom softdev company with deep expertise in Data Analytics for e-commerce clients.

Zones of Responsibility:
  • Lead Generation
  • in the process of defining...
Start: July 2023
Niche player: Salesforce consultancy, solutions and custom development.

Zones of Responsibility:
  • in the process of defining...
Prominent Clients of our Holding
Our Team
Vitalii Gorovyi
founder, managing partner at InSoft.Partners
Vitalii established the company after accumulating 13 years of experience in diverse investment and holding companies. During this time, he actively contributed to strategy
development, enhancing operational efficiency, structuring business finances, generating leads, and engaging in M&A.

Throughout his career, he has collaborated with approximately 80 businesses across various industries. Notably, he has successfully executed over 20 investment transactions with businesses that were experiencing growth.

Vitalii has consistently been recognized as one of the top 50 entrepreneurs in Ukraine, as per the rankings by Raiffeisen, MCToday, and bit.ua.
Closed Projects History
Main Achievements:
  • enhanced operational efficiency in finance and lead generation
  • implemented the new legal structure
  • created an anti-crisis system for the management of the Company during the first months of war
Result: full exit throught buyback approach.
Oct'21 – Apr'23
Main Achievements:
  • acquired the controlling stake in three separate software development companies (Lenal, Rozdoum, Rademade)
  • merged these companies into one business simultaneously
  • rebuilt and optimized most of the business processes in the new business structure
  • revamped the service offerings and attracted new enterprise-level clients
Result: united Company was sold to UST Global to open a full-cycle office in Ukraine.
Oct'19 – Jan'22
Main Achievements:
  • boosted operational efficiency in marketing, sales and finance
  • crafted a new strategic vision with a focus on Google, Asana, Zendesk
  • doubled revenue
Result: full exit throught buyback approach.
Apr'21 – Dec'21
Main Achievements:
  • built an educational startup from scratch with full-cycle responsibilities (fundraising, team building, process making, etc.)
  • developed an original educational methodology based on CBL and peer-to-peer approaches
  • created six educational programs (incl. cources in partnership with Ubisoft, Squad, CISCO, Ajax Systems)
  • educated more than 1,000 students on the Kyiv campus
Result: Project was sold to UFuture.
Oct'19 – Oct'21
Main Achievements:
  • improved operational efficiency in finance, recruiting, and operations
  • developed a new strategic vision focused on Salesforce
  • acquired a company and opened a new office
  • established the Salesforce Academy
  • increased revenue by 2.5 times and EBITDA by 6 times
Result: Company was sold to OakTree Capital Management, and became the basis for the creation of Avenga.
Apr'16 – Feb'19
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