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Implementation of Cost-Reduction IT Solutions

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IT Staff Augmentation
  • The Legend
    The increased cost of money, the 'venture winter,' and advancements in AI technology are exerting considerable strain on the software development industry.

    The market's expansion has halted, signaling a period of transformation.

    The ability to swiftly adapt to changes, a willingness to embrace flexible solutions, a wealth of best practice knowledge from various markets and business models, along with an innovative mindset, will be key to thriving in this evolving landscape.
  • Why a Group of companies
    In the fast-paced modern landscape, we betting on SMBs have the upper hand over larger corporations, thanks to their agility and adaptability. On the flip side, big companies have the capacity to secure extensive, long-term contracts, backed by their ability to navigate intricate compliance processes. Yet, both types of businesses face constraints linked to the markets and clientele they serve.

    We're convinced that by integrating into a Group of companies, we can harness the strengths of larger entities without compromising the inherent advantages of SMBs. This strategic alliance also widens our market perspective, allowing us to adopt and disseminate industry best practices.
  • Our Advantages as a Group
    • Every firm possesses a unique composition of ownership and maintains autonomous operations.
    • The lead generation and finance divisions have merged to enhance operational efficiency.
    • There's an emphasis on cost reduction associated with establishing overseas branches and engaging in business development activities such as conferences and events.
    • Leveraging the collective brand and collaborative efforts of the group enables participation in significant bids.
    • A unified approach to best practices and strategic solutions benefits all companies in areas of strategy, overall management, service delivery, and human resources.
  • Expertise of our Group
    In our Group, companies have the following niche specialization:
    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
    • Data Analytics.
    • IoT and Embedded Software Development.
    • Salesforce Solutions and Custom Development.
    • Digital Product Design.
    • Custom Software Development.

    At a strategic level, the Group also specializes in:
    • growth strategy, M&A
    • design of financial architecture
some Prominent Clients of our Group
some of our notable Closed Projects
Main Achievements:
  • acquiring the controlling stake in three separate software development companies (Lenal, Rozdoum, Rademade)
  • merging these companies into one business simultaneously
  • rebuilding and optimizing most of the business processes in the new business structure
  • revamping the service offerings and attracted new enterprise-level clients
Result: united Company was sold to UST Global to open a full-cycle office in Ukraine.
Oct'19 – Jan'22
Main Achievements:
  • building an educational startup from scratch with full-cycle responsibilities (fundraising, team building, process making, etc.)
  • developing an original educational methodology based on CBL and peer-to-peer approaches
  • creating six educational programs (incl. cources in partnership with Ubisoft, Squad (part of Amazon), CISCO, Ajax Systems)
  • educating more than 1,000 students on the Kyiv campus
Result: Project was sold to UFuture.
Oct'19 – Oct'21
Main Achievements:
  • improving operational efficiency in finance, recruiting, and operations
  • developing a new strategic vision focused on Salesforce
  • acquiring a new separate company and merged with CoreValue
  • establishing the Salesforce Academy
  • increasing revenue by 2.5 times and EBITDA by 6 times
Result: Company was sold to OakTree Capital Management, and became the basis for the creation of Avenga.
Apr'16 – Feb'19