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MAY 15, 2019

The new career center X-Teams, created in partnership with InSoft Partners, was presented at UNIT Factory. Thanks to this center, students of UNIT Factory will be able to take traineeships in Ukrainian and foreign IT companies. The career center will support UNIT Factory’s students with job searching and help with their own Start-ups


"It is important for us that our graduates have a reasonable salary level from the start of their careers and reach the level up to $5,000 in case of developing actively their skills during the next five years”, the Founder of Investment Group UFuture, Vasyl Khmelnytsky said. “We build close ties relations between business structures and UNIT Factory so students can work on real cases and communicate with experienced and well-known in IT industry professionals” , Vitaly Gorovoy, Managing Partners of InSoft Partners noted.

Additional Info

UNIT Factory is the only one private school in Ukraine that works according to the standards of the Programming French School ‘42’ and has its own educational program ‘ucode’. UNIT Factory consists of two campuses in Kyiv and Kharkiv with more than 1000 students.

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For Industry

  • Building “bridge” among education, accelerators, service and product companies.
  • Launching the most required educational programs.
  • Inviting for regular meetups best speakers - leaders of industry who can share priceless experience.
  • Launching new ideas and products.
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For Business

  • Comprehensive training engineers to specific particular business.
  • Choosing the most appropriate engineers.
  • Executing necessary cases from backlog which require more resources.
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For students

  • Assisting students to get technologies, culture and company.
  • Looking for the most appropriate place for practice and company for work.
  • Assisting to realize Start Up ideas.