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Education ecosystem


InSoft Partners in partnership with UFuture founded an IT product company operating in the EduTech segment. The company develops its own software-based educational product, creates content for it, and provides customer support. The ucode software product focuses on providing its customers with a unique set up education programs and services to help these customers to learn how to program. Methodologically, the product uses innovative and progressive approaches Challenged By Learning and Peer-to-Peer learning. ucode develops content together with partners, including Ubisoft, CISCO, Ajax Systems, etc.

Education Ecosystem

Unit CityKyiv Campus
ucode connectSpeakers and Mentors
OnlineKharkiv Campus
International IT communityIT Businesses, Speakers & Mentors


Key partners who help us to realize the ucode IT academy on domestic and international markets.

Become a programmer at the modern academy!

A product company that creates an innovative educational platform. The main goal of ucode global project is to make a ‘revolution’ in the approach to IT education: teach students how to code, enhance their team work skills and advance their creativity by searching for unique solutions. ucode doesn’t have teachers, work-books or lectures. ucode aims to help young people to get a profession with opportunities for continuous professional development. ucode wants their graduates to be in demand in the labor market and engaged at interesting and ambitious projects of the modern digital age.

Start DateJuly 09, 2018
LocationKyiv, Ukraine

Challenge Based Learning

Framework initiated by Apple

Real-world challenge-based learning. During the educational process students identify the real-world problems and find ways to solve it (alone or in teams).

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Peer-to-peer learning


During the educational process, students exchange experiences and evaluate each other's results, what makes education more effective.

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Students pass stages and earn points

Gamification makes the educational process more dynamic and effective for knowledge acquisition and necessary skills development.

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